A Developer Exchange Program

Our west-side neighbour, Benin Republic is most commonly known as the “plug” for frozen poultry, rice and spare parts but many of us are unaware of its burgeoning tech ecosystem. From the country that Ulrich Sossou had to frequently leave for Ghana in 2013 to get better internet connectivity, Benin Republic now boasts of tech … Continue reading A Developer Exchange Program

On Storytelling

One skill founders often think is unimportant is learning to tell their story right. Some tips that I think are relevant: Make sure your audience/prospective investor is following the conversation. Especially if your startup is built on new and unfamiliar technology, break down concepts and use easy-to-follow analogies. Always assume that you’re talking to newbies … Continue reading On Storytelling

Breaking into Tech

When I made the decision to leave banking for the startup life, some thought I was going crazy. The biggest question was why I was leaving stability and a “sure” monthly pay for a tech company they weren’t sure would meet salaries at the end of that month. I’ll admit that for most of these … Continue reading Breaking into Tech

Impressions and Fundraises: How not to run a tech startup in 2020

A few days ago, I shared a link that allowed people send me anonymous messages. The truth is that some of the people who sent their thoughts have never met me in person or worked closely with me. There were however indicators on which they based their assumptions. For example, I had a serious face when … Continue reading Impressions and Fundraises: How not to run a tech startup in 2020

The Data Advantage: A proposed solution for KYC in Nigeria

Major efforts are often dedicated to ensuring seamless KYC and authentication processes especially for financial institutions that are looking to transform to digital. Bankers are naturally shrewd and always erring on the side of caution. There’s also the endless battle between the Control team-notorious for saying “No” to every request and the Product Innovation team-always … Continue reading The Data Advantage: A proposed solution for KYC in Nigeria

Leveraging on AI to improve Customer Service

For financial institutions to thrive in the current economic clime, customer service delivery must adequately align with customer demands and expectations. Beyond seeking lightning fast responses and resolution of complaints, customers are beginning to tend towards banks and payment solutions that incorporate AI into their CS process to ensure excellence in service delivery to customers … Continue reading Leveraging on AI to improve Customer Service


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