A Developer Exchange Program

Our west-side neighbour, Benin Republic is most commonly known as the “plug” for frozen poultry, rice and spare parts but many of us are unaware of its burgeoning tech ecosystem.

From the country that Ulrich Sossou had to frequently leave for Ghana in 2013 to get better internet connectivity, Benin Republic now boasts of tech startups, hubs and Seme City. What is still lacking I believe is access to more experienced tech/founding talent to help guide growth.

This is where we could come in – what if we had a Developer Exchange Program?

By population alone, I suspect we have the most software developers in Africa (quality and quantity)

We could start off with its fintech sector. Ours is one of the most developed in Africa with our fintechs raising >$1M on a steady, meanwhile I’m struggling to find 1 venture-backed fintech out of Benin Republic.

For context, the entire Francophone Africa was allocated only 1% of the $1.163B* raised in equity by African startups in 2018 while Nigeria remains 1 of the top 3 markets for Anglophone Africa – we must be doing something right.

This could be another way for Nigeria to lead the African Tech space from the frontlines and Nigerian banks with a presence in B.R. could be instrumental in helping us implement.

For developers? Less traffic!

This post first appeared on LinkedIn.